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Forza, Italian for strength/power/force, Short Sleeve Jersey provides skin tight aero cut for maximum performance.

Sharing much of the same technology as our TOR+ jersey, the Forza jersey features include 3 rear pockets, full zip, reflective pixel tape in attractive and subtle Verge Sport branding.

Unique Sleeves, using mid-bicep Clean Cut Technology, travel all the way to the backside of the jersey and down to the pockets.

Features & Technologies

  • Power Fit Technology, Seamless Shoulder Technology, Comfort+ Pocket Technology, Reflective Placement Technology, Seamless Body Technology
  • Vibrant Colors, Full Separating Zipper, Minimal Tension Gripper, Reflective Pixel Technology, SPF50 UV
  • ATO, HOS+, StretchFIT

Fit Details

  • AERO Cut, Shortest jersey in our collection and designed to be skin tight like speedsuit
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