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Our Definitive Cyclocross Long Sleeve Speedsuit is a cross specific garment designed for race days. 

Comfortable and durable fabrics are utilized along with our new cross pattern, which has a full opening front zipper that makes the garment comfortable on the bike, in transitions and during runs. 

Our Cyclocross Specific Chamois (C.S.C) is installed to provide just enough support without getting in the way during remounts and runs but you may order with any of our chamois options.

SUBTLE "Be your own team" branding!

Features & Technologies

  • Power Fit, Vibrant Colors, Minimal Tension Gripper, Full Separating Zipper, Tagless Labeling, SPF 50+
  • Subtle Verge Sport branding as shown


  • Flight Imprint, Clutch+ Elastic Tape, Performer Power Lycra

Fit Details

  • Speedsuit Cut: Designed to be skin tight for a body contouring fit


Our Flight Imprint™ Fabric weights 240 gsm but the real benefits of this fabric in a cross suit are not it’s weight but the yarn and knitting method used in the fabric. 

 To start the polyester yarns used in Flight Imprint™ Fabric are considerably stronger then yarns used in standard sports Lycra making them much more resistant to abrasion. 

 Then they are knitted on a 44 gauge machine compared to most competitors who use 32 gauge. 

 Gauge represents how many stitched per inch so it’s easy to understand why more makes the fabric stronger.  



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Good fit and fabric

Fabric is good quality.size M is so tight but good fit like a consolidated my body I have not to become loose weight. Finally store staff were very kind for me as shipping support to JAPAN.