Cyclocross Pants Mid-Weight

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VERGE SPORT INSULATED CROSS PANTS! (Mid-Weight) Verge Sport knows cross better than any other apparel manufacturer in America and our cross pants even make the Belgians jealous.  Featuring full opening side zippers, along with adjustable bib straps that also fully open allowing nearly instant removal.  When the race official announces one minute to start, you open the zippers and step out of your pants without ever touching your muddy shoes.  Pre-race convenience is just the beginning because these pants are made from a light weight stretch fabric that blocks both wind and water to keep you dry and clean before the start.  The knee is articulated so you do not feel bunching and the calf area is specifically designed tighter to minimize contact with your chain rings.  Wide comfortable elastic is placed at the ankle and waste to keep them in place, even while inspecting the cross course.   **Intended temperature range is any time you want to stay dry and clean, but best below 65 degrees**  


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